Shoot colorful aliens in a row in this match-3 shoot-em-up game!

During your patrol, you see an abandoned UFO full of precious alien tech. Finally, your scientists can research this and finally achieve faster-than-light travel!

Suddenly,  a horde of aliens headed your way! They don't look happy with you snooping around, and are ready to destroy the UFO! Protect it at all costs!

Currently at V1.0.1
Made in Godot


WASD/Arrow Keys to move
J/Z to shoot
K/X to throw bombs

Shoot 3-in-a-row for combos!


Programming by Efigi
Graphics by Cluly

Install instructions

If you experience audio or input lag, please download the specified file for your OS!


First Contact Windows 17 MB
First Contact Mac 20 MB
First Contact Linux 18 MB


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I got 17200! So close to yours

Try to beat my score, guys! :)

Really cool game! My highscore is 10,000 points!

Nice score! I'm glad you enjoyed my game :)