Massacre those meddling humans in this chaotic beat-em-up game as a zombie-summoning necromancer!

You're an up-and-coming necromancer who's just bought a pylon to augment your spiritual energy. With it, you plan to summon an undead army and destroy the kingdom! Those meddling peasants however won't let you be, and are repeatedly assaulting your property! Show them their place!

  • Currently at v1.0.7
  • Made for the Weekly Game Jam Week 150
  • Theme: You're the Enemy


  • WASD/Arrow Keys to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • J/1 to attack
  • K/2 to roll
  • L/3 to transform enemies into zombies


Install instructions

Download the appropriate OS file and play!


The Scourge Defense v1.0.8 19 MB
The Scourge Defense v1.0.8 21 MB
The Scourge Defense v1.0.8 20 MB


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Awesome Game :D I found it through twitter.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)